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A. Regular membership, can be held any person of Pakistani origin, who are:  Either citizens of Pakistan, descendants of the citizens of Pakistan or married to a Pakistani citizen or descendant.

B. Only paid regular members of the Association, with at least 4 weeks standing, are eligible for voting in the general body meetings.

C. Only regular members of the Association are eligible for seeking an elective office in the Association, provided they have been regular members of the Association for a consecutive period of at least one year prior to an election.

D. Award of an honorary membership will be recommended by the Board of Directors of the Association, and bestowed in a general body meeting of the Association. Honorary members will not be required to pay any dues.

A. Membership is renewable on March 1st of each year. fees shall be as follows:

1. Individual  $15.00
2. Family       $25.00
3. Student     $10.00

B. Yearly membership fees may be revised by the Board of Directors.
C. Family includes wife, husband and all children under age 12.


Download APA Membership Form ( Download )