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Fundraising for Victims of Flood in Pakistan: 

With the community's help APA has raised $17000 and is planning to send a container of supplies to Pakistan.

A fundraiser was held on September 4th, 2010 at Regal Sun Resort & hotel in Orlando and the community collected more than 170,000.

$10,000 was sent to Pakistan Navy to provide food for flood victims during rescue activities in lower Sindh.          

$10,000 to Hidaya foundation. It includes cost of two containers of clothing, comforters, food and medicine sent to Shikarpur, Pakistan.

$2000 to Pakistan Army and $1000 to Helping Hands USA.  (As requested by some donors)

$50,000 to Imran Khan Foundation for food and shelter to different regions of all four provinces.

$2000 donated to purchase medicine from Pakistan through an NGO in pakistan and distributed in the relief camps.

$55000 was used to purchase 25 water purification units (WPU) from Air Mobile ministries, Titusville, Florida at price of $2200 /unit.  Each prtable unit provides safe clean drinking water at 20-25 gallon per hr and upto 2000 people can benefit from it

The units were shipped by PIA free of charge. Two of our board members went to Pakistan to hand over the units to local NGOs and train their staff in the use of the units. 22 units were donated to Imran Khan foundation, rest were donated to Kavish foundation. Both entities are building homes for the displaced victims. Units have been istalled in Noshehra and Kote Adu.

APA will obtain feedback and make sure that the units remain functional and serve the purpose of providing safe drinking water to flood victims on long term basis.



Association of Pakistani Americans of Central Florida (APA) is a not for profit, social, cultural and charitable organization; with a mandate to project the real face of Pakistani Americans as peace loving, generous and benevolent neighbours.Association initiated the thanksgiving food drive for the poor and needy in October of 2007. Since then APA has collected non perishable food items with the help of community members and donated to the second Harvest Food Bank.

Third THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE  by Association of Pakistani American Association was completed on the 25th of November 2009. Community member generously donated for this charitable event. $420 was collected and 333 pounds of canned and non perishable item were bought and donated to "Second Harvest Food Bank" of Orlando.  We are deeply appreciative to our community members for participating in organization's efforts and making this event a resounding success this year too.



The third Christmas Toy Drive by Association of Pakistani American Association was completed on the 21st of December, 2009.Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Community members who generously donated for this charitable event and $900 was collected. Association members bought and delivered toys to two different locations: River Church in Clermont: Sadly, this church was robbed a few days before Christmas and all the Christmas toys which were intended for children of low income families in the community were stolen. APA members brought toys to the church.  Incidentally, Channel 6 (WKMG) picked up the news about the charitable gesture by APA and covered it in evening news.  


Gordon Care Center:

More toys were donated to a day care center; in indigent area of Pine Hills which had also been a victim of robbery few days ago. There are about 30 kids in the center who were deprived of the gifts that they would have received for Christmas.Staff at both the locations was very grateful and pleasantly surprised to see that Pakistani Americans care for their neighbors and community, and acted as good Samaritans.Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Trust's fundraiser. It was a very successful event and was made possible by generosity and benevolence of the community towards a great cause. Imran Khan's commitment, dedication and unremitting resolve to relieve the suffering of people affected by cancer in Pakistan inspired everyone to open their hearts. Collectively we raised more than $500,000 for the cancer hospital in Karachi . APA team humbly thank you all as we could not have done this event without your active participation and kind support.